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Autoplay Problems

My DVD-ROM won't autoplay anymore. My CD-RW drive does fine. I think it has something to do with Easy CD Creator 5. I did try the patch, but then Easy CD Creator wouldn't even load. It got all kinds of errors. What else could I do? And I'm also having that "restart when trying to shutdown" issue. It doesn't even give me an error, just restarts. I end up having to hold the power button down on my computer to turn it off. Suggestions, anyone?
I'm not sure what to suggest on the autoplay issue. You might try restoring back to before you did what you did that broke whatever it is that broke. Geez, i hate ezcd, ever try nero? I believe the restart issue is covered in a hotfix at windows update. Do you have all those installed? You might also try installing the SP1 beta leak... it replaces a LOT of stuff and might also fix your problem. I'd suggest hammering out the ezcd issue first though so it doesn't get carried over. You can get the SP1 here:

Just did a fresh installation of XP. I've got all of the critical updates installed. Ehh, nero is alright but I like EZCD. I'll try the SP1 thing.

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