Automation Utility wanted !!


Manos P

I'm looking for an app to automate some procedures such as downloading while i'm away. Most common download managers (Getright, Dap, Godzilla) only work for automated tasks after download is finished (shutdown,disconnect, etc).The windows embedded task scheduler works only when the pc works as well! Can i schedule a download for late nite that can trigger the pc to boot at a specific time & shutdown afterwards?



I may actually be insane.
ManosP, the computer would have to already be turned on to run such a program, which obviously defeats the point, the only thing you could do really, is to bring it out from standby.
Or like me, never turn your computer off :)

Manos P

In fact, a friend of mine works for a radio station where they use a radio automation software that even after a blackout (without a ups) the pc reboots all alone and the software re-run on its own. As far as i'm concerned it's the software's job that manages the whole procedure! Is there any available BIOS setting for auto-switch ON or OFF ???



I know there are Compaq models which you can set to BOOT at a certain time in the BIOS. Try your BIOS, and see if you can find a similar function.

You could try a NIC which has wake-up-on-LAN function.

If you are looking for a good task schedular for Windows, you might want to try Wincron, its scriptable:

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar


I may actually be insane.
D'oh, didnt think of the bios, the original post threw me as you asked for an "app" meaning something running in windows (requiring the machine to already be on)

Manos P

I found the app (wincron) really intersting m8!! Thanx!
My BIOS version includes WOM & WOL function but only available when the pc is on stand-by mode! Nothing works when turned off! Anyway i really appreciate your help!

Cheers :D

Manos P

D'oh, didnt think of the bios, the original post threw me as you asked for an "app" meaning something running in
windows (requiring the machine to already be on)
Need sth to trigger my pc when it's completely off:confused:

Manos P

No that ain't no problem but i was wondering if the downloads could be done at low net traffic hours. Besides i got a dial up 128 isdn connection, which means that i pay as long as i stay connected. So if i had to go off for a few days it won't help at all !

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