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auto complete & underline links problem



hi there guys
does anyone know where the information about the auto complete & underlined links history is stored?
because i would like to back it up sometimes, this is why,
because ive been having this problem since i installed xp from day 1
sometimes a blue screen appears (by various reasons), and when it restarts
sometimes it erases my auto complete & underline links history or my temporary internet files, and sometimes even both
for the temporary internet files i dont care much, but i sure bother with the auto complete and more for the underline links
because i spent sometime in various message boards
and sure like to keep a record of what i already read and havent, and because of this stupid "bug"?? the underlined links history is erased
sure hope someone can help me with this one
thanks so much


OSNN Addict
Never heard of this problem.
Have you ever tweaked your browser before?
Because there is a tweak(Or at least i think it is) that will enable your browser to erase temps and others when closed.


thanks for answering so quick :)
but no
ive never done any tweaking to ie.
and that option you talk about exists in ie options in the security section, and it isnt enable.
if only i knew where ie stores that info, i could back it up from time to time :(
oh hell :D

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