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Auto CD....


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I have Windows XP SP2 and i was wondering how to make my own cd that will autorun an html pages or something that displays a list of programs to install (that are on the disc) so that all i do is click it and the program will install from the cd ....any advice???? or pages that will help much apperciated



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That's a bit of a loaded question really. I would recommend making two CDs - 1 being your Windows XP boot disc that is bootable and installs your OS, hotfixes/drivers etc (slipstreaming is good!). Second disc could be for your apps, all you need to do is pretty much code out the page with links to the files on CD, create an autorun.inf that points to the html file and you are good to go.

I know that's vague, but I would recommend asking more specific questions individually.


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nlite is a good option.

Or get on MS connect and you might be able to get a copy of a OOBE (out of box experiance) OS configurator.


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Eggg zachery.

OOBE for the later products and XP supports quite a bit of integrated software installation options. More if you have the proper system to run the config on.

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