August 2004 Desktop Screen Shots

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I'm sorry Hal...
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Some nice stuff happening last month. Lets see some more this month.

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I'm Beginning Somehow...
WHOO - Hooo Me first!!!

A quick one... I'll make a better one in a day or two.. Kinda busy :)

VS - GrayGTR
Icons - Snowe2
Wallpaper - Gray mod off ' blue_true '
Firefox, Explorer - filmstrip, Rainlendar - Modernamod, Samurize - w/Clock,weather & Trash widgets, Winamp 504 - MMD3, Launchtab

^ You know what to do ^


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Well me still usin same from late last month. :D

  • WindowBlinds... VS NLog Nucleo by Z Studio (Z71)
    Wallpaper... Skyline Pinestripe2 (Tan) (Soft Focus) by yours truly
    Icons... FOOODS Icon Junior, Simple iCons for XP
    SysMetrix... (skin) Transparent Horizontal
    Winanmp 5.03 Pro... MMD3 (color-silver3 peachpuff)

just clicky click... take yer pick :D
Nice ones, both of you.

@Beginning: Do you know when the new version of LaunchTab is due? I've been meaning to get rid of the dock and switch, but I can't do that unless the "Always on top" feature is added.
Shiney, everybody :)

My crap:
VS: Industrial Green
Wall: a pic a friend of mine took under a bridge - coincidentally, the same place where we put on our underground theatre shows
Icons: Orbital
Other: Samurize (custom config, samoonrise), Y'z Dock, Winamp

Here's mine, been using futuristic/eye candy wall papers for the past couple of months, got a bit tired of that, so gone for something a bit more simplistic this month.

Click for the full size version.

Skinning App - StyleXP
Skin Name - TMFv1
Icons - WinXP Standard
Wallpaper - Mobius Dance v2 (Ask me if you want it, I have 1280x1024 original version)
Misc - Winamp Skin is K-Jofol Winamp skin (can get from
you obviously can't tell from the screen shot buti got a new graphics card and everything looks so much better!! (especially games) heres my screenshottt


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