Audiovox SMT 5600

Hi, I got an Audiovox SMT 5600 and I want a bluetooth stereo headset. I was looking at the Plantronic PULSAR 590 and I saw that to have STEREO sound you need A2DP enabled. I couldn't find anywhere saying wiether my phone has it or not and can I install or make it work "somehow".

could anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

He|ios, waiting for answers :smoker:


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Whoa... is the bluetooth headset going to be on both ears?
I dont think i've ever seen a dual ear headset for a phone before....
Anyways get back to me on that but also, how is the smt5600?
I have had my eye on that phone for a long time, i almost bought it as well, im bored of the razr. Is it a tru smartphone?
Like does it run windows mobile?