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Audio CD Burning software


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Hey all,
As I'm trying to get songs put into the Xbox 360, I kind of find it tiring to just put the songs I want onto CD's and renaming it in the Xbox 360.

Would anyone know of any audio cd burning software that when it burns the data to the CD it keeps the data of at least the Title and Artist of the songs?


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That is what I thought Carpo, I burned the same music audio disc with WMP, Winamp and Nero, with all tags and names done properly. Neither one kept the song titles and artists, yet my friend said he used Nero and does that.

So it is confusing.
EAC (Exact Audio Copy) is the best CD ripper I've ever used and can be used as burner software. It supports writing CD-Text if the burner supports it. Make sure you have the box checked in the settings and that the drive supports it. You can use EAC to burn a disc and preserve the information.
For what it is worth -
1) I found a thread that says the xbox 360 doesnot use the cd text. It has it's own database od cd's and content.
2) Another thread says that WMP does not read cd text.

Nero does write the CD text if the option is enabled in Nero to read and write the text info.

I'm playing around with Nero 6 to see how it works (or doesn't).

Were you trying to build an actual Music CD or an MP3 CD?

Rumors above appear true.
WMP did not read CD info
Winamp did read the info from same nero burned CD.
I did not have to make any adjustments to Nero to use and burn the MP3 to a cda format. Just used Nero Express.

You might have to make an exact copy of the CD or copy the CD info to get xbox to find it in it's own database, which means you can't make your own compilaitons and have XBOX id the songs.


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Thanks for the heads up.
The only other reason to ask this was because while it is connected to my network, I use ORB on my computer so orb replaces my normal network settings to the Xbox 360. That and because I have it setup via wireless, sometimes it will freeze the entire console if I ask it to randomize a large streaming list that is setup on accident.

Well again, thanks for the info. Maybe I should check the Dev Kit we have at the college to see if me and a few others can make some sort of add-on to fix the database issue.

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