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Audigy XiFi upgrade question


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I have a cool idea I think, but I'm not sure if it will work or not.

I presently using an Audigy Platinum EX, which is basically a card, with cables running to another PCB which then run to the external box (remote, inputs, headphones...).

My question is, can I take a newer Xifi card, and connect it to the secondary pcb from my original Audigy card and still use my external box?

I've looked at pictures of the new card, it it appears to have the exposed pins for the ribbon cable on the main card. But for all I know, plugging everything in could make it all go boom. Anyone successfully "upgrade" their sound card in such a manor?


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Thanks for the replies.

I found the kits to add at least a internal I/O ( the external addon is way too much money), and from doing the math, its cheaper to buy the card, and internal I/O kit seperatly then it is to buy the platinium :eek: .

Link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_e/102-3896154-0610569?url=search-alias%3Delectronics-aps&field-keywords=Creative+Sound+Blaster+X-Fi&Go.x=8&Go.y=10

I guess I could live with just the internal for now. Its only $150. I just hate having to plug my headphone way in back of the box. For some strange reason, I hate using the checkbox "mute speakers when headphones are plugged in".... And $70 seems to fix that itch. And the remote: never used it.
IF you had an Audigy 2 I/O Drive you could.. The Audigy 2 and X-Fi are compatible.. the only thing you won't get will be the firewire on the front. I have the X-Fi Xtreme Music and purchased a Audigy 2 I/O Drive from E-bay for dirt cheap. The SBLive and Audigy will not with the X-fi. To solve your problem go to radio shack and purchase an extension run it from the Mic/Line in back to the front of your computer. Something Like this http://www.radioshack.com/product/i...+extension&kw=1/8+extension&parentPage=search


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Good tip! I actually had to do that to use my mic on my headset, since I was having a problem with teamspeak using the external box: I had to run a line to the back.

But my intentions were all for naught, since I found out the hard way that the X-fi does not support digital speakers over 2.1. How is that for a wtf moment.... the X-fi was a downgrade from my Audigy platnium ex :dead:

My speakers (4.1) were digital only, which left me in a prediciment since the back panal didn't work with my headphones when I had "digital only" enabled. Now, all that really works are my headphones :(

I really don't want to get new speakers.....


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Cool adaptor, but those look like the same plugs on the faceplate.

From what I've read from the same people taken by this as I have been, its a limitation in the hardware decoding, that 2.1 is it for digital, unless I use the Bypass and/or go into a reciever. But IIRC, going into a reciever would still convert the signal to analog before it gets transfered (digital ->analog-> reciever->digital?)?

Be it as it may, my speakers (Boston Acoustics) only have the one plug that goes into the digital out jack. It then goes into my sub where its split into the 4.1. And unfortunatly, I've split the speakers (front + rear without sub) and tried plugging them into the analog but they don't work.

The 2.1 isn't too bad. I can emulate a 4.1/5.1 sound using the CMSS, but it acts funny when I switch from gaming mode to entertainment: I have to reboot to get sound. The rear speakers don't work, but the sound is more "balanced". Doesn't sound anywhere as nice as my 4.1 did in my small computer room....

Glad I spend money on a decent headphone setup.

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