audigy stops pc from booting ? help!


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Freind of mine just bought an audigy 1 soundcard , windows detects it and begins to use it but if you reboot the machione will not boot , take the card out it boots fine put it back in same thing one use and no booting. Any help ?


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For my ASUS mobo they recommend PCI slot 3 (start from the AGP side), but it's plugged into slot 5 currently.

Need more info MOBO, OS, stuff like that.

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But you can do it for one boot right. Get the driver & install before rebooting again. If that does not work it might be a faulty card.


Had the same problem when i bought an Audigy card. Ended up taking it back for refund after changing the drivers and just about everything I could think of. Was said on various newgroups that there are some compatability problems with this card and I just couldn't be doing with it so I'm back with my 'live value' card.


DBZ - Yes its in me!
thanks i was starting to think i had lost my mind , working and then killing the system . Still i wish i could find some kind of workaround .

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