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Audigy Question

I have a Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ with MidiLand 7100 Plus Speakers. I am currently using that standard output (headphone jacks) however my speakers came with a reciever which has an option for optical in. Now i was thinking of getting the Audigy breakout box to run the Optical from the soundcard to the speakers. Has anyone does this/know what i'm talking about? I was looking on newegg and could not find the box by its self. Correct me if I am wrong but this would improve my performance correct? I am runing 5.1 speakers withjust the front inputs, i want this thing to work...
MidiLand 7100 Plus Speakers
and the box i was talking about:

this package:

thanks for your time
Here is a fuzzy picture of the back of my reciever. instead of doing that i was thinking about getting an Audigy 2 Platnium, to get the internal box. Or does anyone know where i can JUST get the break out box?


hardware monkey
yes, you would get better quality from using the optical connection between your audigy and receiver. i know at one point i remember there being an expansion card you could buy for the audigy... it has optical in/out and used a pci slot but didn't plug into the slot, but rather just plugs into a header on the audigy. it would be cheaper than getting the drive and you wouldn't have to have the cable coming from the front of your computer.

i can't find any trace of it anywhere now, though. i'll try again later after work.


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I was reading the specs and it said that it only connected to a SB live! or value card. So if i didn't in install the CD what would the system do? Recognize it right away? or get drivers off their site?


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not sure, but i see about 6 different places where it mentions connecting to an audigy. it just might automatically detect it for all we know. i'm sure it will have instructions with it.
i will read through the info and find out if for def. it work. the same connector is on the Audigy for it, so i pray. What connector should i use, opticle or spdif? Or do i have to use both. and is there a pic anywhere?

[edit]- on the products front discription, not even two sentences in : The Optical Digital I/O card is an upgrade for Sound BlasterĀ® Live! or Sound Blaster Audigy. The card provides digital connectors found in professional audio systems and the popular MiniDisc.


hardware monkey
use the optical digital connection. spdif is coaxial digital and doesn't have quite the bandwidth (and quality) that optical digital does. spdif existed before the newer fiber optical connection. you couldn't use both anyway if you wanted.. i read somewhere you can only have one or the other enabled.

here are some pics: http://www.audio100.com/1/268.htm ... don't bother trying to read anything, though. }:>

useful note: when they came out with this digital i/o card, the audigy didn't exist... but they made the audigy compatible with it. so if you see documents that only mention it as being an option for live! cards, they were made before the audigy was around.

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