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Audigy Player Problems

I have recently installed Windows XP Home Edition (Yet Again) and i had installed the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Player and it all worked fine in the SB Audigy Experience Application. I had then installed Windows XP SP1 and now my Audigy Player doesnt work properly in the SB Audigy Experience Application as well as the splash screen doesnt come up on the startup anymore (I didnt turn it off).. Does anyone know what is wrong with the Card.. Are there any patches for the Card for SP1 or even newer Drivers? :(

Thank you for your time

Sincerly Alex


hardware monkey
i haven't had that problem at all. but i just wanted to say that the creative splash screen during startup is only meant to come on like twice, i think. after that, it removes itself from startup.

as for why your card isn't working right, try reinstalling/updating the driver.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
The splash screen has been known to cause problems. The best advice I can give is to do a complete un-install. Try removing the drivers using the CTZAPXX.EXE utility which is on the installation CD.

To be safe after the un-install pull the card, boot and look for and remove any creative references from the registry.

Try again. I for one will never again buy anything made by Creative, they are an arrogant unresponsive company.

You could try perusing the Creative UK forums for info, if you've got a few years to spare.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
I personally think that Creative do sell very high quality products, they just need to improve on there software side of things.. even my Creative Webcam Go Plus has messed up because of compatability.. lol :p


.:: FTPAlex ::.
I also have a set of Creative Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 Speakers which are working fine and perfectly and oh look... they dont need software support.. lol :p

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