Audigy Digital Out Problem

Does anybody know how to turn on digital output on a SoundBlaster Audigy sound card? I've checked the "Digital Output Only" checkbox in the Advanced Controls, but the little red light still isn't turning on inside the digital output port. Any suggestions?
Did it work for a while and just recently quit working? I have an Audigy 2 Platinum BTW and haven't had this problem.

Try the KX Project driver. They did a much better job than Creative. It's what I run now, until Creative can do the great job they have done.
taurs said:
what "red light inside the digital output port"? i have an audigy and mine doesn't emit any light whatsoever.
Well, digital optical cables allow red light to pass through the cable and into the input on the receiver. Check the end opposite of your card, and you'll see red light coming through the other side. At least, this is the way it works with the digital audio on my Xbox and DVD player. And I'm pretty sure that you can look into the port and see the light coming out. At any rate, I know that no sound is coming out of the port. Doesn't anybody know anything else you are supposed to do besides check that checkbox? There are no special cables or switches internally, are there?


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since when do audigy's have optical digital out? unless you're talking about the live! drive, but yu already said you don't have it.

Wait a second, if it's not optical, then what hooks into the Audigy's digital out? I know it has a digital out, and I was told it was optical.


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my speakers are hooked up to my digital out port as we speak. :D

i think you can get a cheap adapter and plug it into a reciever that has a coaxial digital input. not positive on this. coaxial isn't optical, but it's almost the same. coaxial is in the form of a normal rca port. an optical port is black, non-metal, and square-ish.

i'd still like to know where your audigy is emitting red light from. :confused:
I don't even know if it's optical at all. It says digital out on the back. And I know that optical ports emit red light that goes through the cables. Like I said, I did it on my Xbox and DVD player. So that's the red light I was talking about, but now, I'm guessing Audigy cards don't have optical digital out at all, and I've wasted a ton of time. So, if it isn't optical, what do I need to buy to use digital out?


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we're aware of that, gonzo.. but he's stated that he doesn't have the live! drive. ;)

wess... your receiver has a black (or orange?) rca connector labelled "SPDIF" or "coaxial digital", correct? i think this is what you want to use. i'm only like 70% certain they're compatible. i also don't know where you can buy an adapter cable.

if anyone can set us straight, please feel free. i'm curious, too.

[edit] i remember i found this optical digital i/o card about year ago, but i couldn't find it for sale. it seems really rare. but what it does it basically give you the live! drive connections only through the back, including optical and coaxial digital. if you can find a place that sells it, let me know.

Yeah, the only place I found that card for sale was on their web site. They had a buy button. Also, I looked at that card, and it includes a "Digital I/O Module" that plugs into the digital in/out on the card which I already have on my Audigy (or at least the digital in, not out). On the Digital I/O Module is the digital optical out. So if I could just find that module, it'd be cheaper, and I wouldn't need that card. Thanks for your help. If anybody knows where you can buy that module, tell me.

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