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Audigy 2 ZS Freeze Problem

I just installed a audigy 2 ZS in my computer the other day and now sometimes when i play games my system will freeze up and the sound will be stuck on a hgih pitched note. I've installed drivers from the creative website and have disabled onboard sound as much as i know how to (device manager +BIOS) Sounds crazy, but could it be my PS, all I have is 300 Watts while running 1.5 GB ram, PCIE x700 and the Audigy. But i have a micro ATX board and its not easy to find a bigger supply that fits. Anyone else have this problem and does it have nothing to do with ps anyways?

yep. Its a common problem wit the audigy 2, creative know about it but havent fixed it in years. I handed mine to my brother and picked up an x-fi instead.
You haven't been reading the whines in my signature.

ATI is having problems with audigy compatibility. I'm not sure if it extends to the regular ATI vid boards but their tech support told me not to use a creative sound board (especially audigy) to clear up some of my ATI AIW problems.

Try the latest Radeon drivers, especially if you have an AIW. Latest MB Bios, and see if you can find any very recent audio drivers on the creative site.

Part of my problems cleared up after some Dec 27 and Jan 7 updates to my sound and bios.

People are aware of these compatibility issues but are keeping them quiet to avoid massive returns.
They didn't say anything specific about xifi to me.

Check newegg and pricewatch reviews by people who bought the cards you are interested in. That's where I noticed the only documentaiton of the problems I was seeing.
Try the KX driver before you RMA it. It might help, it might not. Either way though, it's worth a shot.
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It's known to me as 'The scream of death'

I've only had to deal with it a handful of times, mostly running GTA SA with my old Audigy Gamer. It happens very seldomly - but it has also caused me to adjust my gameplay - I save more often... prolly a good thing since I tend to enjoy enraging the cops once they are on me. As Lord mentioned, it's not a driver issue - believe me I've tried it all.

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