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attempting active desktop but my html is rusty...

I've finally got the time to work on an active desktop for myself. Everything is going great so far but I can't for the life of me remember or figure out how to get things where I want them on the page. So far I've added a quicknotes and a google search but they are both up in the top left corner. I used div align to get the google search over to the right side of the page but it still isn't where I really want it. I'm trying to get it in the bottom right and I'm not sure where I want the quicknotes yet. Can anybody tell me how to position these like I want. I read a little about positioning images using the style= parameters but I wasn't sure how I'd use those with a form.


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Well the easiest way to get things lined up or arranged in a peticular way would be to use tables. Cut and paste this into a blank html document to view what this looks like, Like this:

<table border="1">
<tr> This a table row
<td> this is a table data cell, where you put the content that you want
<td> adding a second one, adds another cell in this table row
<td> you can add as many as you like</td>

<td> Add additional table row will move you down the page
<td> While table data moves you across the page.
<td> you can use the span attribute to have 1 cell go across more than 1 cell.
<td colspan="2"> Like this, now this cell will span 2 table cells you can also use rowspan="?" to span acroos rows.



What is this prog on the lower left???

Looks kind a like MS MediaPlayer 9...But other icons...
OK I've come across another problem, I'm not sure if this one is fixable but I figured I'd ask. I made a sliding menu that you can see in the top left (not where its going to stay) and when I click to open things like my movies folder I was wondering if there was a way to get it to stay in list view with no status bar? The screenshot shows the same window, the one on the left opened by the active desktop sliding menu at the top left, and the window on the right is how I want it to look (opened from the my computer taskbar menu at the bottom right). I realize that the problem is because it open the path like it would for internet explorer, is there a way to tell it to just use windows explorer?

... oh yea I blurred out the movie names because I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to post something like that :confused:

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