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attaching files to messenger



I can't send files or pics with messenger. Went to the help site, and the only suggestion it gives is to disable the firewall for xp. I don't think so!

Any other suggestions?


Yes, I'd seen that post. But when you follow it, what is says is to go to the properties of your networking and uncheck the firewall. Right?

If I do that, I won't have a firewall at all. Can you tell me how to change the port settings on xp?

Sure hope so. We use Starband, and it doesn't like Zonealarm too well. Had used that before xp.
I'm not sure how to do it myself. You might want to post another thread in the networking forum and ask:

1) what ports do i need to open for messenger to do these things...?

2) Can you give me a step by step process to open these ports in the XP firewall?


you need to do the following - first answer this...

1. are you running a puter that is not directly connected to internet and is networked with one that is and it is running ICS (internet connection sahring)?

If so you are kinda screwed MSN is supposed to work with NAT (Network address translation) but I haven't had luck with it...

2. If you are directly connected to internet and running XP's firewall do the following...

-Right clik my network places
-select properties
-right clik the icon with the internet connection
-choose the advanced tab
-click settings
-click add
-for description type something like MSN file xfer 1 (you will do
this 10 times)
-for IP type the Ip of the puter that was given by ISP
-External Port: will be 6891 and TCp is selected
-Leave next field blank and hit okay

now do this 9 more times, increasing the port number by one until you get to 6900

so you will have ten of these entered, 6891, 6892, 6893... all the way to 6900

good luck, hope this helps

oh.. if u are not using XP firewall, the port numbers are still the same... the External and Internal ports will be the same number too.... and they all use TCP

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