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Attached thumbnails


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I've noticed that many thumbnails posted in thread like the Funny Picture Post are not displayed at all. I'm left having to guess as to where exactly the link of the attachment is hidden on the replies/posts that me or other members have posted.
Is it meant to be like that? Or is it meant to be showing the actual thumbnail?

Electronic Punk

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There may have been some changes made to their schema during the vbulletin update, not something I have seen.

I will rebuild the thumbnail cache now, but please give me an example..!


I may actually be insane.
To my knowledge, all attached images have thumbnails, there's no way for a user to post without.

SideNote: all thumbnails work fine for me.



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Electronic Punk said:
I am seeing all the attachments on that page.
Some are [img tagged tho which do not count as attachments.
Yeah, I can see the [img tagged pics.. but not the attached ones.

EDIT: I should have reminded you in the last sentence that I can't see Some/Most of the thumbnails


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hmm.. I may have a problem on my pc then.. and my laptop as attached pics don't show up. I'm trying it with Firefox... note 'trying' coz firefox so damn slow at loading pages for me.

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