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ATI TV Wonder Pro & Audigy 2ZS


Stranger Than Fiction
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Does anyone have any idea how to get some sound? Here's what I've got... The TV Wonder comes with a standard cable (don't know what its called but it looks like the red/white/yellow cables on your tv) it has a blue end and a green end. On each end it has a worthless graphic that shows either in upward arrow and a speaker or a down arrow and speaker. I have no idea which end goes to which part (might not even matter) just that one of the ends goes from the TV card to the line in on the Audigy. Now I've got like 5 hook ups on my card. One is for digital speakers, one for microphone and 3 from line in. Each of those are labled (very tiny btw) 1,2,3. My speakers have to go to number one.... or I can't get any mp3 audio or anything. So that leaves two or three. Should be easy cause I can just mix and match until I get it right. It's not. Once you run through the setup of the card you select your audio mode. The dialog box is super helpful saying that if you don't know what to select, just try em all until you hear something. Well I've done that and don't know what to do next. I have 3 options on the first drop down menu. "What U Here", Analog Mix (Line/CD/Aux/TAD/PC,) and Microphone. I get error messages with each of the first two, saying MMC was unable to find a line on your sound mixer corresponding to: what ever option I picked. The error messages also give me the option to select a differnent line from the sound card but of course none of them work. And of course the 3rd option, microphone, gives me no error but no sound either. I do get video ... but its worthless without sound. Any idea's?


Stranger Than Fiction
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Since my system has onboard sound and the Audigy I was able to hook up my TV Card to the onboard. It works, but I need to hook my speakers into the onboard card now so I can actually hear what I'm watching. What I need to do is hookup one of the TV Card to the Audigy internally ... I'm lacking the cable so, no luck for today... but at least I can record Venture Brothers tonight.


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Somewhere in the audigy drivers, there should be an option to enable the line in. I believe it would be on the last output, but don't quote me on that, it's been a long time since I've even looked at an audigy.

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