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ATI RS300M P4 Mini-ITX from IBASE

IBASE Technology, Inc in Taiwan has announced their MB870, a Mini-ITX sized Socket 478 Pentium 4 / Celeron compatible motherboard utilising ATI's powerful Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP chipset (aka the RS300M). Industrial manufacturer IBASE released the Mini-ITX sized Intel 845GV-based MB850 towards the end of last year. Specifications of the MB870 include: P4 support up to 3.2Ghz; up to 800Mhz FSB; VGA, LVDS and TV-Out; 1 x IDE and 2 x SATA sockets; one DDR RAM slot; 10/100 LAN; and a plethora of pin headers on the board. The MB870 adds to the growing number of Mini-ITX form factor boards from manufacturers such as Axiomtek, Commell, DFI, Eyetech, Insight, Lex, Lippert, Samsung and Unicorn. Of course the CPU and cooler isn't included on the board, adding to flexibility but making direct comparisons with mainstream Mini-ITX boards with embedded Eden/C3 CPUs difficult.

So basically a P4 3.2ghrz with HT in a 7"x7" board or 170mm x 170mm.
With all of those bonus features, that's pretty nice.

It won't be a stellar gaming machine until PCI-Express is added, but the nice thing is is that they are working on adding it for future versions of this board, which would mean you gamers could have a PCI-Express video card with that combo and having that whole gaming rig inside of a shoebox or smaller case. Pretty nice huh.

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