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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by eddieb, May 11, 2003.

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    Anybody know where I can get a bios for this card? It's not available on the ATI site. I tried installing a hacked bios to allow overclocking, but during the install, the original bios wasn't backed-up. Now the card is acting strange. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
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    I can tell you to go to :cool: or wait for Sazar
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    join luna64 in his quest to find a bios. maybe you guys will find them at the same place.

    *mental note to self: don't do the flash trick with a 9500pro!* :huh:
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    @ rage3d is the place to get the bios :)

    I don't have bioses available lol...

    whenever flashing to another bios it is HIGHLY recommended to backup the previous one... but I am sure you have learnt that now :)

    one thing to note... though the new bios may allow you to clock higher... remmeber that the memory is only rated to a certain level... and it is possible to go beyond the memory's rated speed when oc'ing with a separate bios ( I am assuming you are flashing with the 9700pro bios ?)

    the 9700pro == 256bit memory bus v/s 128bit memory bus for the 9500pro and you can't do anything to make your 9500pro a 256bit memory bus card :)

    there are some 9500 non-pro cards on 9700 non-pro pcb's that you could flash to enable the 4 extra pipelines and make it 256bit bus... though I believe ati has cracked down on this... hence you are very unlikely to be able to buy one... (unless it is from a company which stockpiled these pcb's)

    moral of the story... be careful when oc'ing after flashing your bios :)
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