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ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR



i've been trying for a long time to try to get my drivers updated. nothing seems to work. i just CAN'T update my drivers. the drivers i downloaded from www.ati.com were from oct 15, for windows xp.

and when i install, it says that

SEVERE: This display driver is not compatible with your display adapter.

i am certain that it is. ATI tech support sucks too. they say that my problem is already posted on their FAQ, which it is not. Can anyone help? :(
Go to windows update and see if it picks up your card there. The first time I went there it had a driver available for my ATI all-in-wonder Radeon 32 ddr. good luck.


is there a big difference between the ATI-provided drivers and the ones provided by Windows Update?

Big B

Yes. MS drivers are there to just get the device to work. For most, MS drivers will do the job just fine, but video cards and typically sound cards aren't gonna give you the max usage out of them. ATI has done wonders with their drivers lately, so I'm confident you'll see much better performance if you get ATI's drivers.


arghhh...no new release for ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR yet...grrr...ATI better fix their entries this time!!!


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I have not been able to get the ATI driver for my All-in-Wonder Radeon to install properly under XP, it screws up most of the windows that open and most of the desktop icons. I sent a problem report to ATI and also got back e-mails saying the problem was addressed on their XP section, which it is not. I think the e-mails from ATI tech support are just automated replies and unless you keep complaining to them they never actually look at the problem reports. I am going to keep bugging them until I get a reply from a real person.
If XP didn't pick up on your Card during installation existenz, then i'm going to guess that no, the 2k drivers are probably incompatible. But, if i were in your position, i'd create a system restore point and give them a shot anyway.


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hmm... a client of mine had a radeon 64mb sapphire...
XP installed fine
but as soon as it was installed... xP would freeze
had to reset... eventually i put it down to that card
removed it and put in a agp 32mb ati rage fury and it was fine

no xp drivers and even if i did... it would freeze before i could install them
safemode froze too

whats the deal there?


I have the same card, well the dell oem, and omega drivers work quite well, build number 1.0.86 works fine with most games :)

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