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ATI Mobility 9400m or HD4650


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Which is better, i know i should know but i really have no idea when it comes to mobile graphics cards.

And which desktop card would either be comparable to?

Does anyone have either one of these?

Newegg.com - SONY VAIO FW Series VGN-FW590FWB NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T9600(2.80GHz) 16.4" 6GB Memory DDR2 800 500GB HDD 7200rpm BD Combo ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 - Laptops / Notebooks


MacBook Pro - Apple Store (U.S.) 2.66ghz and up versions

I'm getting one next week, which would be better for gaming, the mac i would dual boot into windows 7 for gaming?

The ATI 4650 is "newer" than the nVidia 9400, plus I like ATI better than nVidia so I would go with the ATI. From looking at NewEgg (comparison of their best rated desktop closest matches to the 9400 and 4650), it looks like the 4650 supports DirectX 10.1 and the 9400 "only" DirectX 10. It also indicates that the 4650 has 320 stream processing units whereas the 9400 has 16. More is better :). I know it doesn't show an OpenGL version for the 4650 but I guarantee that it does have that as well; they're just missing the information on NewEgg for this product.

Otherwise their specifications are fairly similar, although the 4650 has a slightly higher GPU speed. I don't know if any of these items don't apply to the mobile versions you're looking at. I suspect that desktop 4650 more closely matches the mobile version of the same than the 9400GT does the 9400m.

You might also be interested in ASUS best, HP worst for notebook reliability. I know we recently discussed this in another thread here Best Laptop to Buy at this Black Friday which you may also want to refer to as some people have a better opinion of HP than I do.

Good luck!

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