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Ati HD 2600 XT Advice


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Hi all

After some advice on Ati graphics cards. The purpose of this card is for my HTPC build.

Right firstly looking at getting the XT version as its ment to be alot better than the pro.
The next question is, is the DDR4 version worth the extra cash od the ddr3 version?

I am looking to buy a sapphire card has anybody had any experiance with them? They seem quite good (and are one of the only cards to have the hdmi to dvi adapter confirmed in the box in the UK).




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mm... sapphire is one of the best cardmakers for ati gpus... i have a x1950 one (and one of my friends has one too)

no complaints

and.. ddr4 doesnt make much difference... it would be even less noticeable on an htpc


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Got it in the end (ddr3 ultimate edition) runs very nicely, mind you not done any gaming... pictures are available (installed) in my htpc thread


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I wouldn't know much on the 2600 XT, but didn't it say on Tom's Hardware that it had issues with running a few games on certain sections and/or framerates not being right at all for the power it should have to use when only maxing on the 1280x1024 res? Just curiosity.


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Not sure on any of that as I have not played an games on the sytem yet, the card was bought for my HTPC for video play back and it very nice to see in the latest tom's hardware article of video playback the 2600xt won every benchmark.... Whats more it was my exact card :D


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Well, if it is for video playback as I went to Tom's Hardware and checked it over, it sounds good. DDR4 (Though I'm not professional at it compared to other OSNN members here) should be faster than DDR3. As I do not have the cash to be dishing out to test and see for myself, basically the same settings and same card with a DDR3/4 difference, the 4 should perform better by speed alone.
Oh, and I checked the review of Tom's Hardware on the gaming aspect. I was apparently thinking of the 2400. The 2600 is fine for midrange so if you decide to play games, it should work for you as well :)

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