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ATI driver post-installation tidying

Looking at the ATI driver tweak guide at www.tweakguides.com, I read a part where it says it is okay to delete the folder with the installation files after I've installed them. It said the folder is just the unzipped files from the driver file I downloaded from the internet. Soooo... I head over to C: and find the folder named "ATI" and another one in the 'Program files' folder named "ATI technologies". Now which one is the one that I can safely delete... (the one with the installation files, and not the installed driver files).

Thanx a bunchy!!!! :D


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
The files you can delete are the install files and they will be wherever youCHOSE to put them! You should be able to easily verify because the folder will contain file(s) with names something like "wxp-w2k-ccc-8-062-040929a-018115c.exe"!! (that was the name for my 4.10 download)

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