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ATI deceiving?


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well I have no preference in the graphics card market and am still planning on getting a radeon x800 pro but this article at techreport.com is very interesting about ati's statements at launch and what is really going on with trilinear filtering...



"Whatever the merits of ATI's adaptive trilinear filtering algorithm, ATI appears to have intentionally deceived members of the press, and by extension, the public, by claiming to use "full" trilinear filtering "all of the time" and recommending the use of colored mip map tools in order to verify this claim. Encouraging reviewers to make comparisons to NVIDIA products with NVIDIA's similar trilinear optimizations turned off compounded the offense. Any points ATI has scored on NVIDIA over the past couple of years as NVIDIA has been caught in driver "optimizations" and the like are, in my book, wiped out." :eek: :mad: :confused:
I dunno about that.....

If you look at any actual comparisons, with settings set the same and everything, the mip-map blending is still better on the ATi... so is the AA and Ansio


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I agree...ati does look better but they are not using full trilinear processing like they claim that's all...still buying an ati for my next card anyway


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ati marketed their anisotropic methods and told reviewers to handle it as full tri and thus compare nv's cards running full tri instead of bi or bri linear...

basically the allegation is ati was running a lesser workload than nv's card...

this is true... ati did have an advantage and they did market it inappropriately...

if you look @ the IQ on both... the relative image is not any different... there is little or no difference between ati's try-linear (thats the current popular term for it currently) and its tri-linear methods...

for the sake of legitimacy ati should have explained this and not told reviewers to test the games and bench-apps as they eventually did...

otoh the IQ for ati's method is pretty good and there is no relative difference between it and full tri...

ati should also have included an option not to run this try-linear filtering method but this is not currently forthcoming...

negative marks for ati wrt their marketing in relation to AF... @ the same time though there is no/very little IQ difference... compare that with tri linear v/s bri-linear on nvidia cards


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Any points ATI has scored on NVIDIA over the past couple of years as NVIDIA has been caught in driver "optimizations" and the like are, in my book, wiped out
This guy is reaching to hard on this one.:rolleyes:

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