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ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x driver problem?



I can't install new video drivers to the system. The driver which I'm trying to install is:
Windows XP Display Driver
version 5.10.2600.6010

The current driver I'm having, is the common Windows XP driver which does NOT support OpenGL.
That's why I want to install this new driver. It's quite s***ty to play the games without OpenGL support.

The problem occurs when I'm trying to install the NEW driver. After the installation program has copied the new files onto the system, there's a message:

"Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to
setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"

I tried to install the driver in VGA mode, which I selected from the boot menu but It didn't help!

So, how can I install those drivers succesfully into my system??

thanks beforehand!


Hmm, I have tried to install the new drivers in safe mode (with VGA), it didn't work either...i got the same error message.

About uninstalling current video drivers...ok, I tried to do that from Control Panel -> Add/Remove stuff and from there "ATI Display Driver"...but it didn't work. I got a message like
"Can't uninstall non-ATI or old ATI-drivers"...so it didn't work either.

Ok, i've tried to remove the whole display adapter from the Device Manager...ok, it removes the adapter and makes my system reboot. After reboot there's a message that new hardware has found etc. After that I see that XP has found my Rage Pro and installed the common (non-OpenGL) driver for that

Into your advice: so you tell me to boot into safe mode and THEN uninstall the driver. How am I supposed to uninstall the driver? The Add/Remove section does not work ?

Am I supposed to install the new driver RIGHT AFTER uninstalling the old driver?

I'll get back tomorrow...after when I've tried your stuff.

Thanks !


It worked!


That worked!

I just uninstalled the current drivers in VGA mode, then rebooted and then I installed the new drivers and I't didn't give a error message this time.

thank you verrrrrry much!


Had the same problem! Here's what you have to do to get the driver to work. Go into control panel, click on add remove software. Find the Ati display driver and remove it. Okay now reboot. If it installs a new driver you have to remove it the same way. You keep doing this until it does not install a driver on boot up. It will ask you instead for the Ati installation disk. This puts a vga default driver in place. You click cancel on the installation disk and go to where you downloaded the new Ati driver and install it. Reboot and it should work. I read this somewere several months ago. And it works eveytime with my Ati 8500.
Whats happening is that some drivers require a fresh install with no other drivers in the way. So all other drivers for that card have to be removed before you install it.
I heard you got it to work. If you have any bugs in it, you may have to install it this way. Hope this helps, ikester

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