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25 Dec 2001
This question isn't really WinXP oriented, but here goes:

I have a Gigabyte GA-7DX Rev 3.0 mobo with a 1GHzT-bird clocked to 1.33GHz. I just went to the GigaByte site to look for BIOS downloads and noticed something a little perplexing.

The BIOS update listed at the site ( says it adds support for AthlonXP, but the CPU compatibility chart at the same site says the AthlonXP does NOT work in this board!

I went to the FAQ section and it does not say anything regarding this issue.

Ive included the screenshots of the pages to show what I mean.

Does anyone know what the deal is here? I've tried to email them, but I haven't gotten any response. So far, this forum has been a better problem solver than any tech support from the manufacturer. All they ever do (IF they respond) is tell you to get the right drivers, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thanks is advance...
Well it is most likely that they have not updated there compat chart yet...if you have the board it says, and it says it is adding support then it makes perfect sense

it's probably that yould board did not have the correct multiplier/fsb settings in the bios for the XP configs and this bios adds that
Thanks :)

Although I thought there were more differences between the T-bird and XP processors other than the core type.
does your motherboard support 266fsb???

Athlon XP processor chips only operate at 266fsb (Front Side Bus)
If your current motherboard does not support 266fsb and operates at 200fsb then there is no way that Athlon XP processor will operate on your motherboard regardless of what bios version you use to flash your bios or what support it adds to your current one.

Oh, yeah, it does support 266fsb which is what i have it currently set to for my T-bird. Its just irritating that the manufacturer website has conflicting data.

I probably won't get an XP processor since I don't think I'll get much performance boost. My mobo uses the AMD chipset, not the 266A. Unless I find data that tells me there will be a decent increase in performance by going with an XP processor, I think I'll stick with what I have, I just wanted to clear up the compatibility issue.
you can run athlon xp at 200fsb.

yes you can run athlon xp on 200fsb, your just not getting full performance. i had to run it at 200, till i got my stabilty issues solved.itll even run on boards that dont support it, but it will show
up as an older athlon tb. and you arent taking full advantage of its features...;)
ohh ya

well , yes you will get a huge performance increase, the athlon t bird only has 2 pipelines to push data thru as well as 256kb cache. the athlon xp uses 4 pipelines to push data, and has a 384kb cache. as well as many new 3dnow, and advanced 3d now, instruction sets.and many more pluses.:D
egoalter, i am looking at the 1900. What MB do you think is best? I considered the dragon +, but I am a strong Abit fan.
I have had a great eXPerience with the Dragon Plus. Onboard sound actually sounds good. onboard LAN and RAID works fine. See sig for my setup.


yea the dragon is good, asus boards are great as well.:p

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