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Athlon XP with Integrated Heat Spreader ?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Some light please !
I read or heard that new Athlons XP (including 1800+ and above) were made with (Intel's ?) new technology "IHS" (Integrated Heat Spreader) just like the new P/// Tualatin and all P4.

Is it true, any details on this ?
Why am I asking this ? I plan to go AMD (thread "Upgrading plan !"), and were about to buy the 1700+... But I may invest a little more for the 1800+, just because of the heat problem so much talked about in the threads...

Any information welcomed !
As far as I know the only heat spreader for AMD is going to be on the upcoming clawhammer CPU's other then that I haven't seen any athlon's with a heat spreader (lovely term for a slab of metal lol)

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