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Athlon Mobile on Desktop 754

How is this done? I saw LordofLA post on this. Maybe you can answer it...is there a link or something with instructions on how to do it?


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754 refers to the number of pins on the mobo and/or cpu.
you just install it as if it were a desktop cpu as long as the numbers of pins on the cpu matches that on the mobo socket.
Well yeah I'm sure there's a link. But the thing is, is that the Athlon Mobile chips are just Desktop chips which passed more tests. Meaning they can run faster speeds using less energy, making them cooler.

That's why they are extremely nice chips for overclocking.
I need a guide on how to convert them; the one I have will not boot in a regular desktop mobo. Anyone know of a decent guide?
Ummm, bad news. If it doesn't boot it must be in the bios. Check if your MB manufacturer has a bios update that would allow use of the Athlon M.

I'll go surfing to see if I can find any more details. What is your MB make/model?

It may have to do with the cool and quiet function of the 754 M chips. Definitely look at the bios as the problem.

EDIT - cut from an AMD message board. I was right in my guess. Special Bios required. And a special heatsink too?

"IIRC not too many motherboards will recognise them without a bios flash. And by that, I mean they will not even post. So you would have to use a regular A64 to flash, then you could put in the mobile. Also, IIRC there are few heatsinks that will work with them, because of the decreased height of the cpu (no heatspreader).

Please note that the only real advantage with them is that they run on slightly less vcore, and they are clawhammers with extra cache. They, like all non-fx A64's are unlocked for the lower multipliers only.
-Adam "


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