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Athlon Cpu Upgrades


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Would I a decent increase in perforformance upgrading from an athlon2200+ 266 fsb to a barton 3000 with 400fsb, im hoping yes as mymobo will acept this.


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I guess you would but the main question is would you want to spend the money on a relatively small increase in performance or would you rather spend the money on AMD64 which gives you even better performance?


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Well the thing is a barton 3000 or 3200+ 400fsb is only £100 ish notesto buy, where as an amd 64 bit jobie is going to cost £140 ishand ill have to upgrade my motherboard to, so thats going todouble the cost. I doubt that ill be happy with increase in performanceif its cost me £280 odd.


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From what I have read,that would be a pretty good increase in performance. Not only are you increasing the speed of the CPU, you are incraesing the speed of the FSB that the CPU talks at. So an all around increase. Match that with 400Mhz DDR memory and you are good to go.


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I'd say go for it only if you're gona keep it for 1.5-2 years. That's how long it should last you before you need another upgrade.

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