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Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego overclock?


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what do you think would be an acceptable overclock for the stated processor? right now i have it at a 10% auto-overclock in the BIOS settings, and the temp barely increased (think it was around 30-31C at 2.2Ghz, 32C now at 2.4Ghz, both at idle... and i believe about the same ambient temp...).


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I have known many people who have taken it up to 2.8 on air. 1.45-1.55 vcore on stock air.

I have my 4000+ at the same speed, but my RAM is running out of headroom at 235, and if I drop the multiplier I get around 3.1 but the score in many benchmark tests are the same as the 2.8 scores.

Speaking of that I still need to get my arctic cooler as the stock fan is buzzing......

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