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Athlon 1700+ XP Processor



I just built a new system and the processor speed in "System" is now reading correct. Updating the BIOS is a pain trying to find the correct one I need on there site. The processor is reading at 1.46 Ghz in "System Properties" I have the board set for 133mhz in the BIOS. Isn't the 1700+ processor a 1.7 Ghz processor? What do you think?

FIC AD11XP Motherboard
VIA Chipset
Athlon 1700+ XP Processor
256 MB PC2100
ATA-100 7200 RPM 40.0 GB Western Digital
Nvidia Geforce MX 420 64MB
Windows XP Home Edition


No AMD naming is fuked!!..

AMD XP1700= 1.47Ghz
AMD XP1800=1.53Ghz
AMD XP1900=1.60Ghz



Intel naming makes sense.. a P4 1.6 gives you 1.6ghz, but amd xp1600 only gives you 1.40Ghz.

Dunno where the logic is in XPs naming!.. but its obviously confusing people.



AMD is rating the new processors based on how they perform, not necessarily the Ghz, the new XP Processors have more Floting Point Units (FPU) enabling them not to run faster, but move the data through the processor faster.


AMD again

There's plenty of logic to it, you just have to know what your talking about. Also, to the person that said they were "named" or "dubbed" or whatever by their performance comparison to the intel processor's, you are wrong. Their rated performance Hz were decided by running different benchmarks, and using a ratio between the older AMD processors, and the newer ones. I'd also like to point out, that even tho the P4 has a larger L2 cache, it doesn't really matter due to the fact that it has to also load all the data from the L1 cache before it can load the rest, making it slightly slower...but if your not into computer's, don't worry about it, AMD has always been better than Intel for gaming and mp3 encoding and such, Intel's main market is in retail computer's (Dell, Hewlett Packard, (formerly) Compaq, and other "P4 System for 799 that has no balls), server machines (why else did not ALL Pentium Processors support MMX and 3DNow, and of course, Macintoshes. For anyone out there that needs to come up with a reason why there PC is better than a Mac (only thing macs are good at anyway is Desktop Publishing), the mac, runs SOME filters faster in Photoshop, than in a PC, on a COMPARIBLE processor, and since macs...these test were run on 1.0Ghz machines...at the time, the highest processor released for the mac was 1.0Ghz, while AMD was at 1.2Ghz (Which was proven to be faster than the Intel P4 1.4Ghz).

Anyway, I think I'm done.

The Lesson Here:

AMD is better than Intel

And stuy_b, you are correct, a P4 1.6 gives you 1.6Ghz, and the XP 1600+ is rated at 1.4Ghz, BUT, that's only what the AMD chip is rated at, it performs well above a P4 1.6Ghz.


The AMD XP 1700 basicly means it's speeds are the same as the Pentium 4 1,7 Ghz. But it only runs at 1.46 Ghz.

If you overclock it to like 1.5 Ghz it will actually say that you have a 1900+ processor. It's just in the new architecture of the AMD XP processors.


Check: http://www.amd.com


P4 VS Athlon XP 2100


check out this link guys, i guess u guys prolly know this already, but i just wanted to post it.....

hehe, only the top P4's beat AMD (old version of P4 sucks!), AMD only won in mp3 encoding.......

AMD = Home Use
P4 = Business

well....thats what they are sayin, anyway, prolly the new AMD chips will blast the top notch P4s...


Originally posted by stuy_b
Intel naming makes sense.. a P4 1.6 gives you 1.6ghz, but amd xp1600 only gives you 1.40Ghz.

Dunno where the logic is in XPs naming!.. but its obviously confusing people.
intel naming makes sense, intel doesnt, i still use them for some reason, i dont know
intel naming makes sense, intel doesnt, i still use them for some reason, i dont know

what ???

intel naming makes sense, intel doesnt

OK.. P4 2.0 gig = 2.0gig but hey...its a P4 maybe it should be a 4.gig ..... Why do you all cry about the name ??? If you had a brain you would know what you where buying !!!

I know that a AMD XP 1800 is 1.53GHz and the 1900 is at 1.60GHz.

The name of the CPU is not based on the speed !!!!!!!

If you know anyting about hardware and CPU's it wouldnt be a problem............


come on Famine, give everyone a break!
Some of us were not born knowing this stuff, we had to learn it!!

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