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ATA HD Performance



Hey all.. I need your advice here..

I am looking into getting a new HD. 40GB just isn't enough these days. Anyhow, I am wondering primarily what specs to chase after, and secondarily which brand seems to be most reliable (can o worms)..

given - 7200RPM

ATA100 vs ATA133 <--- any real performance diff to justify ATA133?

2MB vs 8MB <--- I hear this makes a big difference

WD, Maxtor, or Seagate <--- tending towards Seagate for the most quiet drive you can get these days

Please let me know what you can with regard to performance.. I just upgraded to a XP2600+ so I want to get the most out of the new HD..

tia all
I am surprised that this question has not been replied to :huh: is everyone ill:blink: .

Choose a 7200rpm drive...faster and only a few $`s more than 5400 drives now.

ATA 133 drives are also the same price as most ATA100 drives so you may as well get the slightly quicker drive, also any 133 drive will not sustain a transfer rate of 133MB/s it can burst that data at that speed for short periods and even quicker in some instances...but on the long haul it cannot....also check that your motherboard is ATA 133 to benefit from a faster drive.

If you can stretch your money to buy a 8mb buffer drive it would benefit you as data can be sent from the cache memory at much greater speeds than it could be read from the platter so bigger cache better initial speed.

Most hard drives offer only 1 year warranty ....samsung offer 3 still...but if you can get 3 years ...better for peace of mind.

And finally Seagate Barracuda if you want it quiet.


Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna get a Seagate Barracuda 80GB 7200RPM 8MB drive.. my mobo does support 133 but since it is not a sustained speed I'll opt for the ata100+8MB..



I just picked up a WD 120 gb (8 mb buffer) ATA100 7200 RPM for $179.99 with an $80 mail-in rebate and another $20 mail-in rebate for a whopping cost of $79.99 :eek: Check out your nearest Circuit City. They had the 2 mb buffer 120 gb drives for $59.99 or $69.99 after mail-in rebates :) One per person, of course :p The drive has a 3 yr warranty.


Maxtor makes a 8meg buffer 80 gig ata133 drive for the same price. Running two of them in this machine flawlessly.

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