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My roommate wants me to build a new system for him. He's going pretty big with this thing and wants near the best of everything. He's narrowed it down to these two motherboeards:

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI

I'm the tech guy and he's asked me which is the best one. I've looked at the specs and they appear to be identical. Also if you go down a step (get the normal version not the deluxe version) they also appear to be identical. Am I missing something here? Is there actually a difference thats so minute I can't see it or what? In your opinions which one is better or are there others out there even better than these?

Thanks in advance.


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i would go with the Asus, but thats purely because im an Asus whore and had a bad Gigabyte motherboard a while back. However both look like very nice boards :)


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The Asus is Toslink fiber optic ready, the Gigabyte is not.

May not be a big thing to many but that was a deciding factor when I bought my setup. I can run all my music from my PC to my home theater system, and games too.

I have never had a bad board from either supplier so.......


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I've owned two Asus boards and love them. They overclock very well and are full of features.

I kind of fried my last one (A8V Deluxe) out of stupidity when I tried to add fans to the Mobo while it was running (don't even ask :dead:.) I sent just one eamil to Asus though and they let me RMA the board.

Right now I have the SLI-Deluxe board which is really good. My favorite feature is the firewall that comes built into it (it has two Eithernet jacks, one Marvel, one for the Nforce with the firewall). It also have very good SATA Raid options, Four SI SATA slots, and Four nVraid SATA slots.

My only complaint with this board is that the nVriad does not seem to want to get along with my Audigy 2, and the drivers keep clashing. Hopefully that will be fixed when ... or should I say if Creative ever decides to update their damn drivers. Lazy bunch if you ask me.

Actually I know there is another set of Audigy drivers out there, not made by creative that are supposed to be really good but lack EAX. Anyone know the name.

I've never used a Gigabyte board but I heard they are good. I'm still partial to Asus though, they have never done me wrong.

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I could go either way, altho I currently have a gigabyte and I love it. The Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI does include a wireless adapter which is a plus.

I like the look of the Gigabyte.

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