Asus EN8500 - which one is for video


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25 Sep 2002
I dont know how to connect the s-video cable to my TV, it have red,blue,green color, which one is for video and sound?

All those colors are video actually. It's what is called component. The Yellow/Red/White is called composite which is what you want. However where does S-Video fit in this?
how should i connect to my TV? AV in have the video (yellow) and sound (red,white)
I dont really understand your last post, but if you have three cables Yellow (video) and Red & White (L&R Audio Channels) then you would just plug those into the back or front of your TV. If you tv does not have the three colored inputs then you are either out of luck, or you will need to find a Coaxial adapter. Although, RCA cables by themselves don't look that great, then coupled with going to a coaxial adapter if you need to will look pretty crappy.
can u tell us what plugs ur tv has?
where you are plugging into on the video card may look like svideo but it's not. that's why the special cable is included. it takes much less space to put that plug on than to put the red/green/blue plugs.

All three colors are video. you're not going to get any sound from any of those. if your TV doesn't have component inputs, you'll have to get an adapter or use the DVI or get an adapter for the DVI if your TV has neither.

to get sound, you'll have to split the output from your sound card if you don't have 2 outputs. you can get that at radio shack. I think it's a 3.5mm male to two 3.5mm female adapter plug along with a male 3.5mm to red/white RCA plugs
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what any additional hardware i should buy to connect to my TV?
please give me the picture of the hardware if have. thank
what any additional hardware i should buy to connect to my TV?
please give me the picture of the hardware if have. thank

to split the audio from your sound card:

plug one end into the above cable and the other into the red/white on the tv

as far as connecting the video, I don't know what connections your tv has
thank, my TV only have the video in (yellow color) and two for sound (red and white)
um... looks like you're gonna need a s-video to composite (aka rca, or the yellow cable) cable/adapter
i think the vid card has an s-video tv out
i think the vid card has an s-video tv out

someone in another board in another language did say that while the plugs are different, you should still be able to fit an s-video into the HD-out. if you can get an S-Video to Composite then you're set.

or just go out and buy a new HDTV :)
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then what hardware I should buy now? any image of the hardware?my TV is a very general TV with basic function, no any HDTV,HDMI...
dear all,

I can successfully display video on my TV.
I use my old Dell Notebook s-video (7 pin) to Video cable(connect to TV yellow in). The s-video connector is same as the one usingin Asus VGA card.
thank for all of yours help.
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