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21 Apr 2004
how the heck do i used this on a usb thumb drive, i want to downgrade my bios


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6 Dec 2003
here is the ASUS guides to upgrade

but i found this post from extremeoverclocking

I have seen this asked a few times with no answers so here ya go..

For those that want to downgrade their BIOS, you will need to use afudos. you can get the latest afudos here.

you will need to put this on a bootable CD or USB drive along with your BIOS file, as the Bios file is over 2MB and will not fit on a floppy.

Now boot into Dos and type the following,

AFUDOS /ixxxxx.ROM /pbnc /n (xxxxx = your bios file name)

example: AFUDOS /iP5KE602.ROM /pbnc /n
found this on the ASUS forum

How downgrade BIOS from 0901 to any older
1.Copy any older BIOS with name P5KE.ROM to USB Flash Drive
2.Copy BIOS 0901 to USB Flash Drive
3.Setup ASUS EZ-Flash
4.Start flashing 0901 version. When process erasing BIOS will be started press reset button
5.MB will request drive with BIOS file with name P5KE.ROM. Will be flashing this version BIOS
6.Start Windows and flashing any version BIOS by Asus Update program. It’s delete any traces from 0901 version BIOS
7.Now You can flashing any BIOS version by EZ-Flash, AFUDOS and ASUS Update

here is ASUS FTP site for all the files

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23 Jun 2004
I don't like what the person from the Asus forum posted as it seems like a good way to brick your chip (pressing reset during a flash in progress).
Unless the idea was to invoke the bad flash recovery program and hope all goes well. :eek:

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