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Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard - Any Good?


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Christmas Greetings To All :)

I was just wondering is there anything wrong that anyone has heard about the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard? or if anyone has heard anything bad about SLI Technology or anything that would make you want to stay away from this board?

I am thinking within the next month or so i may buy one of these boards so i am just trying to find out as much as possible about it which would help me and anyone else out there on wether or not to buy this board!



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its cheap for me i can buy direct from wholesalers :) but also too i spose depends on wat country we are all in give it time itll drop


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Mainframeguy said:
Ouch! the price on that new stuff hurts my eyes!
how much do you spend on mobos? just out of interest.

the ASUS i've seen for £123 in overclockers uk.. was tempted by it, but i prefer gigabyte which has wireless adapter and DPS.


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Theres only one thing wrong with it in my eyes, you can't find it anywhere. At least not when I looked online a couple weeks ago. If you have any luck finding SLI boards for 939 socket AMDs ... please share.


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Ok, here is my two cents. I recently purchased the asus a8n-sli deluxe, got everything hooked up, but the damn thing won't start. My first problem was that I only had a 20 pin power connector on my power supply, so i went out and bought a 485W Enermax power supply which has 24 pins, but it won't start. I have read other reviews/forums and the general concensus is that this motherboard is a power hungry beast, and you need a 600W power supply!! hahaha. So, not sure what the solution is. Hope to take it back to store tomorow or day after to see if they can solve the problem! I'll post when I hear what's goin on though! I would hold off on a purchase if I were you! But, I assume that once I get this hog going, it will be a dream!
stupid suggestion i know but honestly ive had to fix some stupid probs b4 lol but bak to the toppic have u made sure all the required power connectors on the mobo been connected?, connected the power button to the right set of pins, had some motherboards b4 that have had the power pins in diff places that the writing on the mobo and booklet didnt match up to lol

otherwise seems a bit wierd let us know what the outcome was :)

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