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Asus A7v8x

I have an Asus A7V8X with an AMD 2000+ and this motherboard has a feature that if it doesn't start, a voice will start speaking and tell you "CPU failed CPU test" well in this case it keeps saying it. Normally this voice will come on when your computer starts up and nothing comes onto the screen. But in this instance something strange is happening. On my computer will be playing a game, watching TV, watching a movie, anything. All of the sudden my comp will be saying in the background "CPU failed CPU test. Its really weird, its been doing this for a while, however if my CPU failed CPU test my computer should not be running at all right? Is there a way to disable this feature on my computer maybe through BIOS? This feature on my motherboard is quite annoying.

BTW this feature is called Post Reporter

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Flash the bios to the newest one, and dont use onboard sound!!!! I would goto a store or order a cheap sound card and that will get rid of that feature because it is only used on the onboard audio chipset

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