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ASUS A7N8X supported bus speeds

Scott Young

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How could i find out what bus speeds are supported by the ASUS A7N8X-LA, i am currently runnin a 2800XP+ with a 333mhz, want to know if i can run a 3200 with a 400mhz bus speed
Goofy (unlisted) part numbers usually represent a version that goes to a VAR (value added reselller) or OEM. Finding info is a pain because the board may be brain dead (i.e. some funcitons left off). Or it could be a model meant for another continent (USA, VS European, etc.) Try looking on asus europe, asus TW etc.

If worse comes to worst you can get the numbers for the various chipsets (north and south bridges, LAN, Audio) find an asus board witht he same chipsets and try those drivers. Doing this with the bios is extremely risky.

There are multiple hits on google. I'm glancing through them now.

The -LA seems to be a special build for HP systems. One guy says it is similar to -VM MB but with firewire. The VM has:
-400/333/266 FSB
-only goes to PC2700 RAM (strange).
-Thoroughbred and Barton CPUs. No mention of Sempron.

If Semprons can work they will need a new bios. The newest/fastest throroughbred and bartons might need a bios flash also.

Sounds like you are screwed on the upgrade. HP intends that model computer as a throw away with no bios upgrade path.

Best bet would be buy a replacement MB. Or find a MB with a similar bios and try flashing that. But in either case be prepared to buy a new MB. Welcome to the world of HP/Compaq (and all the other "boxed" PCs).


The Analog Kid
If you're adventurous... You may be able to flash the bios with a true ASUS bios and get full functionality. I was able to do it a few years ago with a custom HP/ASUS board.
Like dreamliner said if you are willing to risk the motherboard (i.e. if you definitely decide to do an upgrade to a standard MB) then once your ready to make the move get a real Asus MB and try a flash.

WTH. Not like there is much resale value in that braindead MB Comqrap sold you.
It's not like it's that hard to flash the bios and the chances of truly screwing up the motherboard so it is un-useable is very low. You just want to do your homework and search for the best comparison of motherboards and use that bios.
You get this relaxed about toasting MB's after 3 or 4 dead bodies. You can get an ECS NF2 MB for ~$50 to replace that one. I realize that even $50 is real money to some people.

My buddies and I were buying top end MB's but we got tired of having them die for reasons like:
-chipset cooling inadequate
-cpu cocket clips sheared
-CMOS RAM header pins too thin so the jumper fell off

Now we buy the cheapest MB's around (I favor ECS, he likes PCchips). We do whatever we want to them and if they crap out we replace them. Be advised, we have not had any el-cheapo's crap out, but we have lost ASUS, MSI, Gigagbyte to the problems listed above.

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