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Asus A7N8X on the way.. advice?



Hey all.. I decided to take the plunge and upgrade from mey Tbird 1.2..

I have ordered an A7N8X mobo, XP 2600 CPU, and 512MB PC2700..

One question I have is, from your experiences, how well does the stock fan and heatsink handle O/C? Let's say it could be better, I have a Thermaltake Super Orb dual fan currently.. if I were to move it over to the upgraded machine does this board have 2 fan inputs to utilize them properly? my Tyan board doesn't have this feature the fans are always on..

Regarding Dual Channel, what's the way to go with two DIMMs with respect to what slots should be used? if three DIMMs are used is Dual Channel still available?

I'll be looking into O/C CPU, RAM, and whatever else to see what I can get out of it.. what's a good site for this sort of info?

any other advice?

congrats, word on the street is that if you use 3 dimm sockets, its not DUAL anymore, its TRI, and right now, TRI isnt anything.... Dual uses 2 and only 2 dimm. upgraded fans are always better for over clocking. stock fan is for stock settings.:happy:


okay, just got the borad, cpu, and ram..

XP 2600+
512MB Crucial PC2700

problem: cpu reads as 1250MHz, error, can't even get into BIOS

FSB by default is 333/266 (changed it to 200 but no diff)

anyone else run ito this?


yeah, there is a jumper for FSB, set to 333/266 by defualt.. the cpu is a 333fsb..


hardware monkey
well, if the jumper is set correctly, make sure the cmos is cleared. also try taking out any pci cards and disconnecting all harddrives and anything else unnecessary to post. including just one stick of ram. maybe try different slots.
i had that exact problem but clear the cmos and then start agian, and right when u power it up hit del on the keyboard and by default USB keyboard support is diabled. once you are in there then you can change it. it takes some fiddeling around with but it can be done


thanks guys..

I have cleared the cmos a couple of times but it hasn't hepled.. I'll try moving the ram around a bit and disconnecting all drives.. so far I haven't even been able to get into bios..
pull everything out except one HDD one cdrom and one video and one ram

then if it still dont work pop the clock battery out and wait 2 min then put it back in and right when u get the sys beet start hitting del


I'm trying
What bios chip did your board ship with?
hopefully 1002? and I here 1003 is out.
I take it the board sees you vid card?


once again, thanks for the help guys.. :)

I'm just gonna step up to the front and receive my moron of the month award..

1. managed to cross connect kb and mouse.. guess that explains why it just forze and I couldn't get into BIOS..

**waits patiently while laughter dies down a tad**

2. I noticed the default External CPU Frequency was at 100MHz with a 12.5 multiplier.. changed it to 166Mhz and it reports properly as a XP 2600+.. Windows System general tab reports it at 2.08GHz.. is that about right for this cpu?

anyhow, I have managed to get it going and have XP Pro installed, bare bones.. figured I'd better come here and let you know through divine intervention I go it going..

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