Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2.00 Frustration!!!

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Hey there i have finally recieved my RMA asus board connected it all up fine but am having a nightmare with my sata devices. I have compleatly removed my old ide devices, the problem is there seem to be no prority for the sata drives my zip disk even got the drive letter c when i installed windows!! is there any way to specify the sata drives as a boot device cheers

indyjones Adventurer
Right sorted the boot issue now and its all fine just set boot device as scsi and that seems to help..... and i have the uber bios and their recommended raid drivers.

Right a new problem this is when ever i install the nvidia detinator drivers my pc takes about 5 mins to start up !! Once you remove these and go back to the nvidia drivers that windows installs (i have XP Pro SP1 slipstreamed) it boots fine........ any clues ?

Once in windows benchmarks are very very nice :)


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I've never had any problems with it. Maybe its because i have the original revision of the board, and not the 2.0 hardware one.


indyjones Adventurer
My install method was fresh windows install with the raid drivers loaded then then when windows is installed I first install windows update rool up pack 1 then the nforce drivers (tried the asus ones and the latest generic ones) as soon as i install the nvida detinators thats it it takes about 5 mins to boot :(
Also I tried bootvis to speed up the boot which compleatly locked me out of windows (hdd light would stay on with no activety and just hang on start up)


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i always install the lastest chipset drivers from the chipset (not board) manufacturer's website first thing once i'm at my desktop. not sure if this would help you.

what part takes 5 minutes? the xp loading screen with the moving blue bar?

indyjones Adventurer
Yeah I have those drives, as for the long time the loading screen with the bar takes about 4 mins (with the bar stopping for long periods of time) then the screen goes blank for about a 1min or so before the welcome screen kicks in.
I am currently running the system fine but this is with the old microsoft gfx drivers....

indyjones Adventurer
!BUMP! Please guy i can not install any detinators with out serious boot issues (sometimes wont boot) and games like enter the matrix just wont play with the old 2X.XX drivers with indows :(
I notice on your sig your gfx card is OC'ed... try running everything stock speeds and taking it from there... maybe take some components out and test boot speeds - that way you'll find the problem part and can aim at resolving it (new drivers... bios updates etc)

indyjones Adventurer
The card is no longer overclocked as i cant install the drivers to overclock it, I borrowed a mates ati 9600 pro slotted it in and it ran like a dream it seems to me like hardware incompatibility to me :(

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