asus 940 pin motherboard

i was thinking about going dual amd 64 but the cost of optron chips are very very expencive. and my alternative is a 64 bit windows 2003 cluster. but i was thinking. and amd 939 and amd 940 pin chips are very much alike.

is it possable for me to put a 939 pin chip on hte board and have it work? or is this just me dreaming?


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Your dreaming?! :)

As far as I recall, 940 boards require registered memory as well as the 'obvious' extra pin on the cpu.
If you are thinking about duallies... wait for the M2/F2 chip/boards to arrive which should be next year.
not really dual just that i can get regestered mem easy from work no problem. but will a amd 3500 939 work in a 940 pin board? that extra pin acording to amd is an extra grounding. but they will not answer the question and everytime i ask asus they dont answer. so now i go here. but i dont know if its possable.