Aspire One Netbook


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My grandmother just bought the Acer Aspire One Netbook,

Intel Atom M450 1.66Ghz
160GB Hard Drive & Windows 7 Starter.

Now I noticed that you can't right click on the desktop and press Personalize and it does not have Aero.

Will this system take Windows 7 Ultimate and run ok, or at least as good as it runs now, Yes I did the advisor and tells me I can run Ultimate, but that does not really say if it will run good, or as good as it is without Aero... Is there another way to install windows onto a netbook without a USB stick?

*I started the install from a USB Hard Drive, and it rebooted and ran perfect. System seems to run pretty good, can always turn off Aero anyways.

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Can't be the same hardware then. Cause Windows 7 Ultimate with Aero enabled is running great, even a bit of multitasking is ok.


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My wifes Aspire (same hardwrae) barely runs XP. Forget Aero. I'm impressed it will run Win 7 Starter ok.
I find that surprising... Remember when XP first came out? Lots of folks were running XP on 750-850mhz cpu's and 256-512 of RAM. XP runs fine on my Asus eee.


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whats the graphics chip on that netbook? cos my mom has a similar one, works good on windows 7 but aero kills it