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AS Rock K7S8X


Birmingham UK
Is their anyone running a Linux distro who has an AS Rock K7S8X mobo with a SiS746 chipset because I have tried to install FC2 Mandy 10 & Debian and non will complete the install and after searching around I have found it is a problem with the chipset.
So has anyone managed to get a Linux distro to run on this mobo as I want to install Linux :(
eek, a friend of mine had serious problems with his AsRock board, it just wouldnt take his CPU or RAM, so I avoid them like the plague now, cant really help, maybe a BIOS update, turn off PNP-OS option in BIOS, turn off ACPI in the Fedora boot/installation

maybe try FreeBSD, it doesnt start as glossy as linux, but its much more stable and better imo


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Found this in a google search ...
It's an athlon mobo based on an SiS746FX ( apparently NOT the same as SiS746, AFAICT) - to get it to work with linux had to pass "noapic" in the kernel boot options.


Birmingham UK
Thanks for that Xie,Someone came back with a reply about noapic & nolapic and on following his instructions Mandrake 10 is now installed, I decided against FC2 as their are a lot of posts aboul dual booting problems with windows


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I found the solution. initially update your bios with version 1.9 (i have not test the last version 2). your installation of linux mandrake should normally run (me, I have the #9.1), but that should go with the #10. At the end, in "summ up", "boot charger", check up "grub" (that must also go with "lilo").
then strip "acpi" and notch "force with apic". reboot. your starting normal begins. login as root. then goto "tool of configuration mandrake". if you haven't done set up "boot charger" as mentioned above. Then goto "configuration of material". locate the chart its in the list throw the tool of configuration of the module "sound". Select "i810", instead of "snd-i8x0", or something like.Then start again kde or reboot. Et voila!!

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