I was looking at the front page and noticed the Last Articles section. WOW, has this fallen behind. The last dated article is from "11th October 2004" And that was about the Dell 700m... I mean, since this release, there have been tons of other things for possible articles, but nothing has been written?

Logitech G7, Dell 24" Widescreens, 7X00GTX cards, ATI 1X00 Cards, Creative X-Fi cards, Vista, Logitech Z-5500 speakers, AMD Dual Core Processors, Raptor 150GB drives, lots of things.

Is there a person for reviews? Are they still asleep at their desk? What's going on? The masses need the reviews and opinions of OSNN.. They rely on them for making their every purchasing decision.... Help the masses... :)


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The person is actually asleep at their desk, and despite how many times we electric shock them, they aren't waking up :eek:

On a more serious note, it has been brought up recently and there will probably be some action taken regarding that shortly ;)


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We have had threads in the forums created on the various items. You can look them up. Unfortunately we haven't had them transitioned to the front-page.

Several factors, mainly on the posters end for that.



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If you do, let us know and we can work to get it on the front page with edits and content addition.
Absolutely. I'll see what I have. Since I'll be doing reviews for my other site. Mostly on hardware, and some games. Maybe you can just carry some over.

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It is something we are looking at revamping.
I am always writing reviews in my ehad and stuff just need to start actually doing when I have word open.

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