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Artic Silver 3: general question ?

Howling Wolf

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I installed last week my brand new Volcano 7 with Artic Silver 3. I was told by my reseller that I should, once a month, wipe AS3 out and put a fresh layer of it on the cpu core because AS3 dries and temps might go up again...

Please, tell me if this is true, should I really reapply AS3 once a month ?

BTW: seems like temps have fallen by ~5°c... room temps being still quite hot (26-28°C) in the afternoon. Not stressing the cpu, it reaches 49°c after an hour or two.

I was told that Asus surestimate temps by ~10°C, true ?

Thanx for info on these matters !


I think the guy's just trying to get you to buy more! ;) And 49 is a good temp...not bad at all...that is the TRUE temp of the CPU die because it's reading the internal diode. So no..the temp is not off at all. It's the real thing.

Edit: You shouldn't have to recoat the cpu w/ AS for a while..you should be good. If you see temps skyrocket, then you can worry, but I wouldn't worry about it. Save yourself some money. I'd be wary of that reseller now. He seems a bit shady if he tells you that....


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actually would be nice to know how often to go ahead and reapply the paste... is it required?

how often and stuff please pass on the info... I am curious...

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