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Artec 52x24x52 CD-RW for $37?

Happened to come across this on www.zipzoomfly.com...

it's a translucent 52x24x52 CD-RW for like $37. It's cheaper than just about any of the others on their site and it looks kinda nice. I was just curious if the performance is worthwhile and if anyone out there has one and/or has any opinions on it. They make a non-translucent one that's identical in every way, but it's more expensive because the translucent one is on sale for this week only. Anyone have any good/bad reports on this or any other Artec burners?
Well, I went ahead and ordered it... all my fans are blue anyway... so it'll look pretty cool. :p Also, $37, you can't really go wrong... Artec doesn't appear to be a terrible company... so I'll report back how well it works once I get it... They offer free UPS 2-day air, so I should have it pretty soon
how amusing... it's $50 barely a day after I ordered it. Glad I ordered it when I did. They said "this week only", so I guess they weren't joking. Now it's $49.99 "this week only". Wonder what it's gonna be next week.

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