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are you trying to deter viewers ?


NTFS Stoner
i dunno whats going off round here, but past few days osnn seems to go to a full page add, no pop up, i click a link on the site and am presented with the page i expect being changed into a full screen ad, sorry to say but my ad blockers going back up for this site, shame as i clicked often on ad's to help, but this is alittle to much of an in your face approach.

wouldnt be so bad if there was a click to continue or the back button actually working, result = being forced to close the page and left with the "whats the point going back there" feeling.


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And fyi, I became a subscriber before Madmatt. Just wanted to let EVERYONE know that little tidbit.

kthxbye !!!



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I just got this po-up problem! Never happened before but got completely taken away from OSNN when I tried to view the front page. Weird.


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Firefox works... OK on your site, I hate the ads anyways.
I was a subscriber, but after this paypal thing...
Y'all need a different way of becoming a subscriber.


OSNN Advanced
It gets blocked by IE7 automatically. I imagine FF too by default.
I'm also getting really cheesed off here. Clicked on OSNN link in favourites and FF loads OSNN webpage for about 2 seconds, then loads a new webpage which I assume belongs to one of the ads embedded on this website. Click back and it loads OSNN for about 2secs, and then again loads another webpage for another ad.


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just out of curiosity, I'm assuming it's just on OSNN that this is happening and not other sites.

I've been reading about this recently where ISP's are inserting ads via javascript to all http traffic via a transparent proxy.. but that would effect every site, not just OSNN..

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