Are you tired of the start button saying "start"?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by the_crop, Apr 13, 2002.

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    Very cool!

    Was going to post today and see if anyone knew how to change the text on it :)

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    Boo :(

    This requires a Hex editor, and I have never used one, and am not comfortable with the idea of them...

    Anyone want to help me and make a file for this for me? PM me and I will tell you what I'd like it to say, and you could send it zipped? Know it is a lot to ask, but I WOULD be grateful :)

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    I have a great solution to your problem

    You dont need a hex editor if you have resHack, hehe, you can get it from here:

    What you do is you fire up resource hacker, then open explorer.exe, find the string table, find the start string, edit it to what you want, and press the compile button, then save this as 'explorer1.exe' in windows, then edit the shell to 'explorer1.exe'

    I got a picture to help you...


    Resource Hacker is a nice way to edit it, it kind of replaces a hex editor, just remember to follow all of the other steps on that site, resHack will just replace a hex editor.
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    I would prefer a tweak utility to do this. Is there any available?
    If not, okay, but how do I set the shell to EXPLORER1.EXE?
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    Got this from the original posted article...

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
    Find the value named "Shell" and change it to equal the filename of the new explorer "explorer1.exe". Exit your registry editor and restart Windows for the change to take effect. The reverse the change, modify the value of "Shell" and set it back to "explorer.exe".
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    That's great, only one problem. I like my start menu to say Menu!. But, my mom has just taken an introductory computer course and she would get confused, because she thinks all start menus say start. Therefore, is there any way to do this on a per-user basis? (Come on, guys, I'm ony 13, I'm not a genius!)
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    Just a guess...

    Hey Kido :D

    I am really new with XP, and advanced logon options and the like, but I am sure that if I am wrong, someone will jump in to correct (and I do hope they would).

    The only way I would think you could do it would be if you created 2 different installations (a dual XP/XP boot?) - one for the mom unit, and one for you. As I see it, no matter the user, the Base OS is using the same explorer.exe file - what you do, will effect all.

    Now one way you "might" be able to pull off a fujiriffic trick, might be to burn your OS to CD - thereby completely leaving her OS (and the main copy of XP) alone. You would be able to freak your friends out too. Your system should be more then able to boot from CD (might have to change your boot devices and order in the BIOS though - just depend on how it is set up now).

    I have NEVER tried this, but it would only take a few minutes to find out, and it can not hurt anything to try, but someone might have info I do not, and save you the effort, if they know it will or will not work...
    Imagine you might need "disk at once" capablitiy on the burner though, for write back...

    Good Luck...
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    Yea you kind of lost me, but your kinda right, if you do change the start text on the button it will affect all users. There are ways around this, maybe policies to load a different explorer.exe file per user? Anyways, you kind of lost me later down in your message, but yea, if explorer.exe is changed, the text will be changed on all, but something freaky is that is you go classic, it changes back to "start" weird huh?
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    Ok, thanks for the help, guys! Adios!
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