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what's the deal with these dock programs? the real osx dock's background doesn't move and stretch. it's not a bad thing that moby dock, and the like, have stretching backgrounds, but it's one of those things that bugs ya. is it hard for the background to stay one size (like osx) and just the icons get big/smaller?


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It's as close as you'll get to the real thing. That is MAC's one advantage over Windows, the dock.

Other than that, Windows is superior.

"Hi, I'm Matt, and I run Windows."


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Same thing MobyDock and DesktopX's version does except it can be used more in depth (like submenus opening from it, etc.).

The dock is a nice touch, but then again, I am a huge fan of the XP start menu and madmatt_dtop =)

So I have no use for it, but I think some Windows users make it look nice on their dtops.

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like whoa.


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I am a huge fan of the XP start menu and madmatt_dtop =)
Pimp! :p

I like the XP start menu too, its damned handy.
Only downfall is when you have to use a Win2000 or Win9x box, you just expect the menu to be there, and its blatantly not :D


The again, XP is TONS more stable than any 9x was. Whew...I am glad most of that is a past memory. Rarily see BSOD these days and if I do it is only a driver issue.


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im sure if you went to mac sites (ie not xp-erience :p ) there would be info on Mac virii.
there may not be as many but I've had this discussion in depth with various other people, and the simple fact is that Win32 is more widely used, and therefore and easier target for virus writers.


if i ever get a Mac it'll only be when i get a laptop.

They have superior battery life and they are oh so damned sexy!!!

iBook for me =)


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Originally posted by snively
you never hear about viruses for a mac do you?
uhm, uhm. wait. let me gather my thoughts.. uhm. nevermind, pointless to argue this.

"Then I played this game SkiFree on my Windows 3.1 OS, and it was far better than any game I ever played on my Apple, I was sold!"


windows all the way, dont go bashing me cause im pro windows, mac-osx sucks, i used it before and hate it, all the good games/applications hit windows, only 5% of those hit mac-osx, although mac has it good sides, windows still over rules it, xp is pretty stable, mac-osx is stavbbler.. but the reason for that is because nothing runs on a mac, i mean come on get a clue.

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