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april fools jokes?

Perris Calderon

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I haven't seen even one this year, not in my personal life, not on the internet, not here at osnn

anyone get "fooled" this year?

any good stories?
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I myself has not been fooled, or I have not seen any in my personal life.

Wikipedia Covers April Fool's Hoaxes

Posted by Zonk on Saturday April 01, @07:25PM
from the check-out-what-you-missed dept.

The Internet It's funny. Laugh.
vladd_rom writes "Wikipedia maintains an up to date list with April Fools hoaxes from this year. The list already includes hundreds of entries. Among the most popular, one could find Google Romance, a new Google.com project, Google Browser, as well as Yahoo!'s desire to buy all Web 2.0 companies on the web. However, it seems that this year hoaxes will be more interconnected: the wiki page already includes some websites that announced that they have been bought by Yahoo!, and linked to Yahoo!'s blog post from their pages."


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seen a few in newpapers, like number 10 changing door color to red from black, and roads made of biscuits :p


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slashdot had a good one today, a nice pink setup with "OMG PONIES!" slapped on the front page. Gave me a good laugh. :)


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My best bud and his mom went looking for a truck yesterday cause his mom wants something else and well they let them take a 99 f-250 for a day and my buddy and I drove it around and telling our friends it wa his haha.

They all believed him too and my one buddy was pretty jelous since he just got a truck the other day.

I guess thats the best april fools joke I have done.

The girl I am pretty much going out with now was gonna try and say she was pregnet but I caught her talkin about it the other day lol

She told her mom she got a DUI and her best friend told her mom there horses were running around town and she flipped out untill she finally told her she was just joking lol


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I did hear one a year or two back where a local radio station said that the local water company had announced that di-hydrogen monoxide was coming out of some peoples taps. They then later re-played the calls that they got in from worried customers! :p

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